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As a committed mortgage broker in Leeds with 20+ years’ knowledge, our mortgage advisors will provide you nothing but open and honest Mortgage Advice in Leeds to these surrounding areas. We aim to find you the best mortgage tailored to your circumstances.

Here are the following areas that we offer our mortgage advice service in.

Mortgage Advice in Castleford

Castleford is market town full of rich history with the area being prominent within the Roman era. As well as this, the area is known for being the home of the Super League rugby team, Castleford Tigers.

There is lots to do within the town for everyone whether you want to go on a shopping spree to the brilliant Junction 32 outlets store or looking for some fun for you and the family with Xscape Yorkshire where you can go trampolining and rock climbing. Having all this within a short distance is perfect for when you are looking to do things in your free time.

The area has a range of properties on offer whether you are a first time buyer or a home mover all located within a warming community. This area is also perfect for commuters with easy transport links with its accessible motorway networks and public transport and has a number of local state schools. If this place sounds like the perfect place for you, get in touch with a Mortgage Broker in Castleford to see how we can help.

Mortgage Broker in Castleford

Mortgage Advice in Chapel Allerton

Named as The Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2021, Chapel Allerton beaming with community spirit. The area is located in a popular suburb of Leeds and is full of quirks with its variety of independent shops and eateries.

This location is perfect if you are looking to take a short trip to the city centre, however, there is all you need within this bohemian style suburb. There is many restaurants and cafes as well as a local butcher, fishmonger and The Fruit Stall. If you are looking for a green space to walk and take in the nature, you are only a short distance to Roundhay Park.

In the case where you are looking to start a family in the area, Chapel Allerton has many brilliant schools nearby. A Mortgage Broker in Chapel Allerton can help you with the mortgage aspect of your homebuying journey. 

Mortgage Broker in Chapel Allerton

Mortgage Advice in Dewsbury

Dewsbury is located on the River Calder in West Yorkshire and has history of being the centre for the shoddy and mungo industries. The area also has a market as well as stunning historic architecture.

There are also many shops within the town both high street and independent. Along with this, there is many things to do with cinemas, restaurants, theatres and leisure facilities dotted around the area. It is a brilliant place for those looking to start a family with a number of schools around Dewsbury. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking to get Mortgage Advice in Dewsbury. 

Mortgage Broker in Dewsbury

Mortgage Advice in Garforth

Located 9 miles to the east of Leeds City Centre, Garforth is a suburb that is perfect place to escape the bustling city life. You are within a short distance of a local RSPB reserve (St Adian’s) and can enjoy a bike ride on the Lines Way (a disused railway line).

Garforth is an ideal location for commuters with a short distance to the centre and reliable transport links including a central trains station with links. The area has brilliant places for shopping and leisure with a cinema. Gym and many popular shops. If you are looking for a brilliant place to eat out, there is a brilliant selection of eateries to choose from.

There is a warming community feel in Garforth with many clubs and activities to get involved in for all ages. As well as this, there is a selection of schools to choose from which is perfect if you are looking to start a family. Your reputable Mortgage Broker in Garforth can help you through the mortgage application. Simply book online for your free mortgage appointment. 

Mortgage Broker in Garforth

Mortgage Advice in Halifax

Located on a hilly district on the Hebble, Halifax is a charming market town full of Georgian and Victorian landmarks. It is also famous for being the filming location for the BBC drama ‘Gentlemen Jack’.

With its well known, stunning landmarks and a plethora of museums, Halifax is full of activities and attractions that are suitable for everyone. Furthermore, Halifax is perfect for retail therapy, with many shops and shopping centres full of independent and chain stores. The area is full of green spaces as well as brilliant employment opportunities.

Halifax is packed with a variety of properties from apartments to semi-detached houses so whether you are a single homeowner or a homeowner with a family, Halifax has a property for you. Along with this, there is an abundance of schools around the area which is great if you are looking to start a family. The area is full of transport options if you need to commute around Halifax or are commuting towards Leeds. Book Online for your free mortgage appointment in Halifax today.

Mortgage Broker in Halifax

Mortgage Advice in Headingley

Headingly is a leafy suburb packed with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The community is diverse with the area being a hit with students, young people and families. With its beautiful historical properties and close proximity to the city centre, the area has attracted a plethora of homeowners.

The area has a shopping centre called the Arndale Centre and has a range of shops and eateries like Sainsbury’s, KFC. Superdrug, Post Office and more! If you are looking for an area to walk, Headingly has many attractive green spaces like the Meanwood Valley Nature Reserve.

As mentioned, Headingly is only 2.5 miles from the outside of Leeds city centre which makes it ideal for commuters as well as regular transport links. For families, there are many education opportunities available for all ages with many nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools. A Mortgage Broker in Headingley can help you with the mortgage process. Book Online for your free mortgage appointment today.

Mortgage Broker in Headingley

Mortgage Advice in Horsforth

With its green landscapes and nature reserves, Horsforth provides a business and leisure way of living that is away from the city life. The area is the home of Kirkstall Abbey, Horsforth Hall Park and Hunger Hill Woods.

Horsforth is perfect for amenities with two main high streets full of independent shops as well as food shops. Along with this, the suburb has plenty of places to go out for a meal with a restaurants providing a variety of delicacies like pubs and Indian restaurants. Homeowners who are looking to start a family or currently have one will be spoilt by the extensive list of schools around the area ranging from primary to secondary schools.

Along with this, there are plenty of transport links that are efficient and reliable for those heading to the centre of Leeds or to further cities like York. Drivers are benefitted from this perk with the area being located a short distance to the M62. For those looking to live here and who are in need of help with their mortgage application, our team can connect you to a Mortgage Advisor in Horsforth to help you with the process.

Mortgage Broker in Horsforth

Mortgage Advice in Huddersfield

The town is filled with culture with a plethora of museums as well as a great amount of Victorian architecture. Huddersfield is famous for being the place where the first rugby game was played in 1848. The area has a welcoming community as well as picturesque parks like Beaumont Park, all located within a 20 minute commute to Leeds.

As mentioned, the area is full of history and has free museums to visit like the Tolson Museum. For those interested in art, there is also Huddersfield Art Gallery which showcases art from the past 200 years. Along with this, Huddersfield is a brilliant place for amenities with the area having a large shopping centre perfect for a shopping spree or your weekly food shop.

The area is a perfect place for commuters due to Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield being within reach via the M62 and M1 motorways. There are a variety of properties available in the area for a variety of homeowners with many providing stunning, leafy views. If you are looking to live in this town, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your fast & friendly Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield.

Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield

Mortgage Advice in Kirkstall

The Telegraph recommended this location for first time buyers; Kirkstall is a popular area. The area has a suburban feel despite being located close to the city centre. Situated within the city, is the famous Kirkstall Abbey which attract thousands of visitors each year.

There is plenty on the in the area with various museums, parks and eateries. Lining the street of Abbey Road is stunning redbrick terraced houses and the opposite side of the road also this road where you will find the Abbey House Museum which is perfect for families to visit.

There is a strong community feel within the area which is reflected through their community farm ‘Kirkstall Valley Farm’ which is run by residents within the area. There is also a plethora of shops so perfect for amenities and an abundance of schools if you are looking to start a family or currently have one. If you are looking for help on the mortgage aspect of your move, get in touch with a Mortgage Broker in Kirkstall.

Mortgage Broker in Kirkstall

Mortgage Advice in Methley

This former mining village is located 10 miles south of Leeds and lies in the inner sector of the confluence of the rivers Aire and Calder. Methley has history dating back to before the Romans and is where Methley Hall stood before being demolished in 1964.

The village provides a friendly, close-knit community with many clubs and activities running throughout the year for all ages. Methley is full of independent businesses from little farm shops to cafes for residents to explore. Along with this, there is a number of pubs and eateries dotted around the village.

There is a range of properties in the area that are fitting for a variety of people from single homeowners to families. If you are looking to commute out the area, there is many transport links for those who drive or are taking public transport. Methley can be a brilliant place to live for those looking to start a family or already have children with many schools located in and around the area. Book Online for your free mortgage appointment to speak to a Mortgage Advisor in Methley. 

Mortgage Broker in Methley

Mortgage Advice in Moortown

Moortown is a suburb town located just 3 miles north of Leeds City Centre. It is also known to be the area where the 1929 Ryer Cup, the first time it took place in Europe. This quaint suburb includes a historical corner where ‘Corner House’ was built in 1938 as a ballroom, however, has now turned into a range of shops.

This town has been an area for the professionals who look to set up offices to step away from the city centre which can be perfect for employment opportunities. If you are looking to work in the city centre, this town is 4.5 mile distance from Leeds City Centre by car and can be reached with many transport links. Along with this, the amenities within the suburb are brilliant with a variety of bars and restaurants along with a plethora of shops.

If you are looking to start a family, there are many schools available with most of them rated Outstanding from recent Ofsted reports. There are different types of properties on offer so whether you are a single homeowner or moving as a family, there could a property here for you! Our team can book you in with a knowledgeable Mortgage Advisor in Moortown by getting in touch with Leedsmoneyman.

Mortgage Broker in the Moortown

Mortgage Advice in Morley

Located just 5 miles from Leeds, this beautiful market town is full of pleasant parks, an indoor market and lots of cafes and restaurants. The area is full of history with the Morely Town Hall being a grade 2 listed with a traditional Victorian concert hall.

Morley is a perfect area if you are looking to commute to Leeds city centre with the area being just a 20–25-minute car drive or about an 11-minute train journey which can be the fastest option. The trains also are regular with the last train leaving at around midnight which is perfect if you are looking at going out in the city centre after work. The transport links are perfect for the weekends away with the area being located alongside the M62 giving you links to Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Bradford and beyond.

With plenty of places for amenities and providing that perfect balance of work and play, situated away from the busy city life, Morley could be the place. There is plenty to do in and around Morley so if this sounds like the perfect area for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your friendly Mortgage Broker in Morley.

Mortgage Broker in Morley

Mortgage Advice in Otley

A market town that links the metropolitan city of Leeds and the stunning Yorkshire Dales, Otley is a welcoming market town full of history with being known as the home of the first interior designer Thomas Chippendale. It is also known for the ‘Otley Run’ which is a pub crawl that takes you right into the city centre.

There is plenty to do within the market town which thrives off its independent shops selling antiques, unique gifts, art and jewellery. Running Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the busy market is perfect for getting local produce. Another factor that is brilliant for your amenities, is that there is both independent and chain stores dotted around the town.

Otley has a friendly community and many local clubs and activities running. Even though there aren’t any rail links, the area is still a fitting for commuters with the area being located just 30 minutes by car to the centre of Leeds, Harrogate and Bradford and all the major motorway networks. The area has a range of properties with varying prices so if this place sounds like the one for you, book yourself in for a free mortgage appointment with one of our expert Mortgage Advisors in Otley.

Mortgage Broker in Otley

Mortgage Advice in Pontefract

Pontefract is a historic market town as well as the home of the most significant castles in England (“The Key To The North”). Not only has Pontefract packed of stunning parks, but also have Georgian architecture with rich history, it has something for everyone. As you can tell, this niche market town expresses its history which can be uncovered at the Pontefract Museum.

The streets are lined with a good variety of both independent and retail shops as well as cafes, pubs and restaurants. There are many transport options available too with the area having three stations and motorway links. Leeds can be reached in 35 minutes so brilliant if you need to commute to the city centre.

Pontefract has its many benefits like its good transport links, many things to do as well as a range of houses for any type of homeowner. Furthermore, the area can be great to start a family in with its many schools around the area. If you are looking to begin your mortgage application, look at getting in touch with our team for knowledgeable Mortgage Advice in Pontefract.

Mortgage Broker in Pontefract

Mortgage Advice in Pudsey

Between Leed and Bradford, you’ll find an old historic market town called Pudsey which has lots to offer. Being voted in 2021 as one of the best places to live in Britain its many districts have their own character, full of rich history, classic Yorkshire stone and beautiful streets. Its town centre is known for its historical architecture and great local businesses.

Walks and activities also surround the local area, and there’s always something to do. If you plan to start a family or already have children, you should know that Pudsey is home to several excellent schools.

With Pudsey being a popular place on the property market, you should expect mixed housing prices, but there should be something for everyone. Our experienced Mortgage Advisor in Pudsey will be happy to help, don’t hesitate to cbook yourself in for a free mortgage appointment.

Mortgage Broker in Pudsey

Mortgage Advice in Rothwell

The historic market town called Rothwell has become a popular area to cate too. The community feel in Rothwell’s is something to be admired, with good choice of transportation links and a wide range of amenities they have something for everyone.

With a large choice of areas for the family to enjoy and heading towards Springhead Park there are plenty of outdoor activates such as, tennis courts; playground, bowling green and a skate park. There is also a sports centre with a pool, gym and indoor sports courts for the fitness fanatics.

Plenty of educations options for those with children. With several local primary schools in the area and some large high schools both of which have additional sixth form collages. As well as easy access to motorway links and regular bus routes connecting Rothwell to nearby towns, including Seacroft and Headingley.

If you’re looking for something to eat, you won’t be short of cafes and restaurants in Rothwell. There is also a large array of independent boutique shops alongside some major high street brands and Jail Yard Parade, Marsh Street has loads to offer too.

Rothwell is a lively, cheerful place to live with lots of things to do there. Housing prices are average and affordable. If this location sounds perfect for you. Book your free mortgage appointment today to speak with one of our Mortgage Advisors in Rothwell today. 

Mortgage Broker in Rothwell

Mortgage Advice in Skipton

Skipton is a market town and civil parish in the Carven district. Back in 2018 The Sunday Times reported Skipton to be one of the best places to live in northern England. The town offers a good range of retail amenities grouped around the partly cobbled High Street and is complemented by social/recreational facilities and perfect choices of school for those with families.

One of the many perks of the market town of Skipton are a traditional Dales community located within just two miles of the boundaries of the Yorkshire Dales National Park but is also well placed for those who need to travel to North/West Yorkshire as well as the East Lancashire business districts. If you are looking for support during your moving home journey in Clacton, our Mortgage Advisors in Skipton are here to help 7 days a week. Book your free mortgage appointment today.

Mortgage Broker in Skipton

Mortgage Advice in Swillington

Swillington is a small village which sits on the banks of the River Aire, and is adjacent to the RSPB St Aidan’s Nature Reserve. Although Swillington hasn’t got many transportations links, but is served by bus operators. The main roads through the village are Wakefield Road, Swillington Lane and Astley Lane.

Not only does this village has very limited supplies in terms of, eateries and places to go shopping, new families with young children may struggle to find any secondary school choices and have to send your children to places like Garforth. Swillington does have a good choice of housing with reasonable prices, this location could be perfect. Find out more and speak to an experienced Mortgage Advisor in Swillington today. 

Mortgage Broker in Swillington

Mortgage Advice in Wakefield

Located 10 miles away from Leeds, Wakefield is a prime city with plenty of rich history, striking buildings, leafy suburbs, and surrounded by country parks with activities all year round. What resident like about Wakefield is the town proximity to other major cities, and the many outstanding attractions and landmarks like the Anglers Country Park, Thornes Park and Clarence Park. There are also many bars, eateries and places to go shopping. If you have any children, you’ll be happy to hear that Wakefield has many Ofsted ranked schools.

Wakefield has so much to offer First Time Buyers and Home Movers in terms of location, amenities and education. Based on location, house prices, school catchment areas and community what more can you ask for, this place has something for everyone, if you would like any help securing a mortgage get in touch to speak with one of our Mortgage Advisors in Wakefield. They will search 1000’s of deal to find you the most suitable mortgage product to match your circumstances.  

Mortgage Broker in Wakefield

Mortgage Advice in Wetherby

If you are looking to move to a small market town, with good connections to some of the UK’s most popular cities then Wetherby is the place for you. If you prefer the quieter life, Wetherby has a great sense of community, full of character, history and friendly residents.

Wetherby has plenty of pubs and eateries to choose from, whether you are looking for a bite to eat, or a night out in Leeds you are only 20 minutes away. If you like the countryside then you are in luck, Wetherby has loads of stunning scenery, which you can benefit from all year round. It’s also worth noting that Wetherby is very well positioned – as it’s sits half way between London and Edinburgh, and acts as a mid-way stop between Liverpool and Hull.

There are a number of different types of properties for you to choose, including flats, terraced housing, detached and semi-detached properties. Wetherby also has access to a good selection of schools, perfect for those looking to start or already have a family. Book your free mortgage appointment today to speak with one of our Mortgage Advisors in Wetherby today. 

Mortgage Broker in Wetherby

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