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If you are self employed – without the help of an experienced Mortgage Broker like us, you may struggle finding a suitable mortgage deal. 

When you are self employed, it is very much down to fitting the mortgage lenders individual lending criteria much more than interest rates advertised …

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We are able to help with Self Employed Mortgage Advice for:

  1. First Time Buyers
  2. Remortgages and Raising Money
  3. Home Movers
  4. Change in Personal Situation
  5. Complicated situations

Having problems with Self Employed Mortgage Advice?

  1. Bank won’t lend enough
  2. Failed banks criteria
  3. Credit score
  4. Fluctuating net profit
  5. Pay structure
  6. Mortgage/s in the background
  7. Personal situation

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Whether you are the owner of your own limited company, a sole trader, a partner and receive a salary, dividends or a mixture of the two and are looking for Self Employed Mortgage Advice then we will be able to help. 

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Almost all of the high street mortgage lenders use their in-house credit scoring policies when granting mortgages, these are based on that lenders own experience on previous mortgage repayment statistics and repossession information and individual cases that do not fit this tight criteria are not investigated further.  A system that saves the bank lots of money and time when assessing mortgage applications.

It is possible that lenders have had more cases of arrears with self-employed applicants than employed ones but it is fair to say that employed applicants have to jump through far fewer “hoops” to get a mortgage.

Using a specialist Self Employed Mortgage Broker like us with a minimum of 1 or 2 years accounts and a fairly good credit rating it may be possible to secure a competitive mortgage deal.

Most high street banks will  have very strict criteria and must see increasing net profit with a minimum of 3 years accounts or some take an average over 3 years.  This is where using a broker like us will prove highly beneficial for you.

Lending criteria can vary greatly between mortgage lender for self employed mortgage advice and it is our job as experienced mortgage advisors to be able to place your mortgage application with the most suitable lender first time.

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