We here at Leedsmoneyman would like to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas, and we hope for a prosperous and healthy 2021 for everyone.

The values of properties in the UK have surprisingly held themselves up high during the pandemic. This is down to stock shortage, undiminished consumer demand and the Stamp Duty Holiday (which is due to end in March of 2021).

If we have learnt anything about the property market in 2020, it’s that you’ll never stop a dedicated and hard working potential First-Time Buyer in Leeds from pushing through and doing whatever it takes to own their home!

Property Market Predictions

We predict that going forward into 2021, despite unemployment levels going on the rise, we here at Leedsmoneyman fully expect the consumer demand for buying property to continue to be on the rise. With people spending more and more time at home, it’s only natural that people will inevitably start looking for something bigger, better or with a nicer garden.

Also, around this time of year, we will also see lots of remortgage activity from customers who are happy with their current home, but would like to invest in their homes by expanding upon them or creating home offices, to name some examples. We have written some articles on topics like these, explaining why people choose to Remortgage For Home Improvements.

Interest rates are still relatively low and off the back of Brexit, the Government will definitely wanting the property sector to thrive, especially considering that it is one of the “wide multipliers”, e.g. it will uphold lots of jobs.

Once the vaccine is fully out there and life starts to feel a little normal again, we firmly believe there will be a lot of people who adopt a “life’s too short” approach to their lives, something that should be good for the economy as a whole, especially those with involvement in the property market.

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Date Last Edited: December 6, 2023