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The Main Reasons People Choose to Move House in Leeds

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Leeds

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to move home. In this article, we are going to narrow them down to the most common reasons that we see as a Mortgage Broker in Leeds: 


More living space

We’ve heard over the years that borrowers wanted to move home because they wanted somewhere bigger to live. It makes sense some First Time Buyers in Leeds like going for a smaller and more affordable property to start, and when their circumstances change down the line, like starting a family, they might need to think about more extensive living arrangements. 

Another way to make more living space, rather than Moving Home in Leeds, is to raise capital through a Remortgage to build an extension/conversion. This option is trendy amongst growing families and could give that extra bit of space you need. 

We often find parents convert their loft into a bedroom for one of their children, which could mean you have a spare room that you could make into a gym or home office. It’s up to you! People may also remortgage for home improvements to raise their property value when they sell it in the future.

Change of scenery

We also hear that some wanted a change of scenery and wanted to look at different areas. Most of this percentage of borrowers are likely First Time Buyers as they usually have a limited budget and settle for lower-end properties with reasonable prices. The chances are that these borrowers now have a higher income and want to live in a more affluent neighbourhood. 

People don’t consider the choice of schools when moving into their first home as they may have not even thought about starting a family yet. People who have started or are planning to start a family will factor in accessible education within the area when looking at relocation.

Family & friends

Some home movers inform us that they wanted to move closer to their friends and family. This situation often comes about when couples start a family. If both parents are working full time, they will be more than likely to ask their parents to help them with childcare. Private nurseries can be expensive, and sometimes parents find it hard to work around nurseries due to distance. 

Buying vs renting

Most First Time Buyers in Leeds will always choose to buy over renting; however, people moving home may consider the other side of the coin. Whether you are renting or buying, the monthly payments are usually roughly the same. Either way, moving home can be a tricky decision. 

Like we said before, if you don’t want to move out but want more living space, maybe it’s time to speak to one of our Remortgage Advisors in Leeds who will help you find a great deal to raise money for home improvements.

Speak to a Mortgage Advisor in Leeds

Are you thinking of Moving Home in Leeds? Do you want to know how much Moving Home could cost you? If so, you should speak to a Mortgage Advisor in Leeds at Leedsmoneyman. They will calculate your maximum borrowing capacity and give you a quote on your monthly payments. 

Even if you are looking at remortgaging, you can get in touch today, and we can pass you onto Remortgage Advisor in Leeds, and they will try to answer all of your remortgage enquiries. 

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