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Fantastic Reviews From First Time Buyers in Leeds

How we have helped First-Time Buyers | Mortgage Advice in Leeds

As a Mortgage Broker in Leeds, we always make every effort to give the best service we feel we can offer to our customers. Often, we see their Mortgage journey come true, and sometimes their mortgage journey comes to an end, but no matter what, we always aim to do what’s right by the customer.

There’s no greater reward after this than receiving reviews from customers, who, regardless of the result, are eternally grateful for the love and care we put into our service for them.

Perhaps the greatest feeling of all is when these reviews come from First-Time Buyers in Leeds. Of course, it’s rewarding when helping any customer, but there’s a certain emotion that helping someone who has never done this before.

Chances are they were anxious, confused, stressed, or even hesitant. There are no doubts that this is the biggest purchase anyone will ever make in their life. Guiding a customer throughout their journey, this new experience and seeing their dreams achieved is nothing short of magical.

Over our years of service, we have collected a great many of these reviews, these memories. Below is a compilation of just a few of our favorites from over 2019, going into 2020.

Customer: Samantha | Advisor: Chris Morley

Chris M | Mortgage Advisor in Leeds
Pictured: Chris Morley

“Leedsmoneyman were very supportive throughout our experience buying a home for the first time. It can be daunting being first time buyers understanding all the processes but ChrisLeanne and the team were more than helpful ”

–  Samantha S

Customer: Rebecca | Advisor: Jason Loft

Jason | Mortgage Advisor in Leeds
Pictured: Jason Loft

Jason was super helpful, knowledgeable and professional. We had a somewhat difficult situation with my husband being a first time buyer and me already having a property. We had savings in different locations and all sorts of things that I thought would be complications but Jason gave us clear advice and didn’t lose patience no matter how many different scenarios we went through. Obtaining the mortgage was stress free and he helped us through every step of the way.”

–  Rebecca C

Customer: Rebecca | Advisor: Jason Loft

Leo | Mortgage Advisor in Leeds
Pictured: Leo Shakespeare

Leo and the rest of the Leeds Money Man Team have worked tirelessly since our first contact to find the best solution in what were extremely difficult and complex circumstances. We cannot thank them enough for their efforts and professionalism throughout and would not hesitate to recommend them and will be using their services again in the future.”

–  Thelma N

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