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Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield | Mortgage Advice in Huddersfield

Mortgage Advice in Huddersfield

How our service works

Welcome! This is your Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield, and we are ready to help you through your mortgage journey. No matter your circumstances, we will always try our hardest to secure you an excellent mortgage deal for your new home in Huddersfield.

We aim to deliver the same exceptional mortgage advice service to everyone who comes to our broker for help. Once you get in touch and our team has a few details from you, before you know it, your process will be on the move!

  1. Once our team have keyed in some of your details and learnt a bit more about your situation, they will allocate you to a dedicated Mortgage Advisor in Huddersfield. At this point, we will get you booked in for your free mortgage consultation!
  2. During your free mortgage consultation, your Mortgage Advisor in Huddersfield will get a bigger picture of your scenario so that they can start looking for competitive mortgage deals that will match your situation.
  3. Next, your assigned advisor will begin looking for deals that perfectly match your mortgage situation. Any questions that you have along the way, don’t be afraid to ask them! Our knowledgeable advisors have been working within the mortgage industry for over two decades now and have faced almost every mortgage situation imaginable!
  4. Once they have picked out a mortgage deal for you, you can choose to take the mortgage deal by continuing with us or go back to doing things on your own, it’s completely up to you.
  5. If you choose to continue with us, it’s now time to get property hunting/make an offer on a property that you love.

Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield – Our reviews

As a trusted Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield, we’ve built up quite a handful of excellent reviews. Most of these reviews have come from struggling customers who really appreciated our guidance and dedication to their case. Hearing back from customers and seeing how much we’ve helped them accomplish their dreams makes us so happy – it’s the reason why we do what we do.

Customer service is at the heart of our business. Without our amazing customer service, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do so well! To take a look at some of our reviews, head over to our reviews page, you won’t be disappointed!

7 days a week in Huddersfield

For Mortgage Advice in Huddersfield during a time that is best suited to you, you know who to get in touch with. Our team are responsive, meaning that we will always get right back to you with anything that you need. Any questions that you may have along the way, make sure that you ask them as your Mortgage Advisor in Huddersfield will be more than happy to answer them. No question is too big or too small to ask, we will always be more than happy to explain to you what is going on during every stage of the mortgage process.

We hope that we get a call from you soon, our team are waiting by the phone in Huddersfield for you to call. Get in touch with our Mortgage Broker in Huddersfield for a free, no-obligation mortgage consultation today.

Leedsmoneyman Spring Budget 2021 Update

Rishi Sunak’s second Budget as Chancellor brought two pieces of welcome news for the property sector as the Government attempts to transform “Generation Rent” into “Generation Buy” to help stimulate the UK economy, namely the new 95% Mortgage Guarantee and an extension of the Stamp Duty Holiday.


95% Mortgage Guarantee

The name of this scheme is misleading as not everyone that applies is guaranteed to be offered a mortgage, it is still subject to affordability and credit score. The “guarantee” itself is that the Government will ensure Lenders don’t stand a loss if they grant a 95% mortgage to a customer who then subsequently falls into arrears and is repossessed leaving behind negative equity.

This scheme should in theory give Lenders more confidence to lend even though the applicant only has a smaller deposit to put down. Of course, Lenders never want to repossess someone’s home unless it is the last resort, but if that happens then the new scheme would cover any shortfall.

Lenders have been worried about the prospect of home values decreasing so this measure should alleviate that concern although of course, the chances of negative equity occurring will naturally reduce should property prices increase as a result of these announcements!

The scheme is available to both 1st Time Buyers and Home Movers, it’s available on any property (not just new build) and will run until December 2022. Some major High Street Banks have already signed up to the scheme and it’s likely more will follow later on. It’s still a big challenge for Lenders to cope with the demand they are getting for mortgages due to the difficulties training and supervising staff working from home but they will want to offer as many of these mortgages as they can.

Stamp Duty Holiday Extension

When the Stamp Duty Holiday was launched last year we all hoped life would be very much back to normal by the cut-off date of 31st March 2021 but things didn’t pan out that way as we know. Solicitors are struggling to keep up with the workload and if lots of chains had collapsed then it would have partly defeated the object of the exercise.

Therefore it was good to hear the scheme has been extended to 30th June for purchases up to £500,000 and 30th September for purchases up to £250,000.

The Government certainly sees the property sector as an area that can play a big part in our economic recovery and if you are looking to buy a home or remortgage this year please reach out and we will be happy to advise you.

Contact Us

Property Market Predictions for 2020 in Leeds

Thinking of Moving Home in Leeds This Year?

The property market has hit the ground running at the start of the new decade. Our current activity levels are running at record highs and there seem to be more people than ever looking for Mortgage Advice in Leeds.

What’s In Store For The Property Market?

By way of contrast, 2019 slowed down much earlier than usual in the run-up to Christmas. The obvious reason for this was the unexpected General Election which had an impact on consumer confidence.

When it comes to investing in property, in my opinion, it is often more about how people “feel” about what is happening than the facts. The mortgage deals on offer were amongst the lowest ever yet take-up was poor, much like Brexit, potential buyers were playing “wait and see” on the Election result.

Whether you were a remainder or leaver, there is some clarity at last – we are leaving the EU. Many people who have had their plans “on hold” over Brexit uncertainty are seemingly wanting to move house. I feel that this “pent up demand” has probably been building up for a couple of years now.

Estate Agents are also suggesting large increases in activity too, and in a very encouraging sign, Rightmove reported a 2.3% rise in property prices in the month immediately following December’s Election – the largest percentage increase since they began their records in 2001.

For anyone thinking of moving home this year, the running order is:

  1. Get your current home valued by at least two Estate Agents – you can then calculate how much equity you have available to put down on your next home
  2. Contact a Mortgage Advisor in Leeds for a FREE “Affordability Assessment” – we can quickly work out how much you can borrow without the need for a credit check.
  3. If you then decide 2020 is the year for you to move home, then we can obtain an “Agreement in Principle” – you can use this document to prove to any Estate Agent that you have a mortgage in place. They will then classify you as a “qualified buyer,” increasing your chances of having an offer accepted

Remember, buying a home is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make. When you offer you need to remember is a negotiation process – if your first offer is accepted, you will have only proved you are a poor negotiator! Don’t be down-hearted if your opening offer got rejected, the seller won’t take offense and will welcome a higher bid!

Looking to Remortgage in Leeds?

In terms of Remortgages and new deals, Banks are sitting on larger amounts of cash than usual, and the mortgage rates on offer are very low. Anyone who has let their mortgage “drift” onto their Lender’s standard variable rate might be missing a trick right now.

We have seen more customers opt for five year fixed rates recently as a result of these low rates. A long term fixed rate isn’t right for everyone though and I strongly recommend you speak with one of our Mortgage Advisors in Leeds before simply accepting a new deal on offer from a current lender.

As well as offering competitive deals, there are some signs of Lenders relaxing some of the more illogical pieces of their criteria to meet their lending targets. We are hoping in due this might help some tenants who find it hard to save for a deposit onto the property ladder.

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