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What is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Mortgage Protection Insurance is a term used to encompass various different types of cover designed to protect borrowers from events which could severely impact upon their ability to maintain mortgage payments. There are different variations

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get a mortgage agreement in principle

Get a Mortgage Agreement in Principle?

What is a Mortgage Agreement in Principle? The Value of an Agreement in Principle

How having your mortgage agreed at the outset can help you negotiate on an asking price

A Mortgage Agreement in Principle is essentially

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mortgage advisor in leeds

First Time Buyers – How to beat Investors

Property news: How first time buyers can beat investors in homes battle Leedsmoneyman – Mortgage Advice in Leeds & Surrounding Areas

First time buyers are facing increasingly stiff competition from buy-to-let investors. Sharon Dale reports how they

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mortgage advisor in leeds

First Time Buyers in Dewsbury

Leeds property news: more homes released for popular development in Dewsbury Leedsmoneyman – First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Leeds & Yorkshire

In response to demand, Noble Homes have released more properties for sale at their

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mortgage advisor in leeds

Help to Buy – New Homes

PM pledges 200,000 starter homes Malcolm Davidson – Help to Buy Mortgage Broker

David Cameron has pledged to double to 200,000 the number of cut-price starter homes to be built under a Conservative scheme, as he

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what is gazumping

What is Gazumping?

This is not illegal….and unfortunately this is something that does happen from time to time…

What is Gazumping?

Gazumping occurs when a higher bidder bids on the property that you have had an offer accepted on.  This

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why get mortgage advice

Why get Mortgage Advice?

Why Get Mortgage Advice?
The Value of Mortgage Advice in Leeds Malcolm Davidson – EXPERIENCED Mortgage Broker

Most people only arrange a mortgage every few years whereas Mortgage Brokers are working with Lenders on behalf of clients

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which property survey

Which Property Survey?

This can be confusing as to which one to go for…!

There are 3 main types of property survey available to you….

What is a Property Survey?

When you have an offer accepted on a property your

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