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which property survey

Which Property Survey?

This can be confusing as to which one to go for…!

There are 3 main types of property survey available to you….

What is a Property Survey?

When you have an offer accepted on a property your

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Can I have 2 Mortgages? Get Two Mortgages

Can I have 2 mortgages? The answer is possibly yes…there are many situations that require a person to have more than one mortgage…such as wanting a second mortgage to raise money, turn your existing home into a buy to let, divorce and marital disputes, named on another mortgage…?

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2016 Mortgage Market Summary

20 Years As A Mortgage Broker

This week I celebrate 20 years since I started out as a Mortgage Broker and here I reflect on the last 2 decades and perhaps what could lie in ahead for the future.


The market in

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2016 Mortgage Market Summary

2016 Mortgage Market Summary

A Summary Of The 2016 Mortgage Market

It’s been another eventful year in the UK Mortgage market so with Christmas almost upon us I thought I’d take time to give you my reflections on some of

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